Friday, July 31, 2009

blues&morning coffee on the streets of munich

yearly exhibition 2009 me and my balkan wall

discussing my work

yearly exhibition 2009 me and my balkan wall

getting tattooed in bucharest -zed tattoos studio

friends back home

painting in my masters studio, bucharest

with my father at the black sea

preparing armed assault on munich

locomotives-my first true love

lovin locomotive man

on the blue danube budapest

in budapest with agnes


preparing new painting

in my room

getting tattooed

getting tattooed by rusty tiger


another brick in the wall

studio munich

bucharest night with friends

bucharest wall

bran castle

hour of the dizzy fuzzy look

bar somewhere in the carpathians

broken connection

calling home

with huge tits

sitting on the dock of the bay

poker night

party effect